Our Story


Hi, we're Aaron & Victor, the co-founders of Peacasa and former University of Ottawa roommates. 

The idea of creating chips made from chickpeas stemmed from a hiking adventure in the Mediterranean. After 12 days in the Mountains of Corsica, we discovered a delicious wood-fired crepe made from chickpea flour in the street markets of the South of France. Not only was it tasty enough to be a popular street food throughout the Mediterranean for hundreds of years, but it was naturally high in protein & fibre. 

“Growing up between Ontario and the South of France, I always dreamt of bringing parts of the Mediterranean food culture to Canada. I wanted to show that simple quality ingredients are all we really need to make healthy and delicious snacks. All those ingredients we can’t pronounce are just shortcuts taken by the big guys.” - Victor

Made from five simple ingredients including chickpea flour and extra-virgin olive oil, Peacasa Chickpea Chips have 8 grams of protein - that’s 2x more than potato or corn chips, 4 grams of fibre, and are grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. 

In March 2019, Aaron decided to quit his corporate job and Victor left his job as a professional sailor in the Mediterranean to pursue building the healthy snack business in the Toronto-area full time. We rented a commercial kitchen where we experimented with different process methods and ingredients. Throughout 2019, Peacasa Chickpea Chips were sold at Toronto farmers’ markets as we worked on perfecting the taste and texture of the chips.

“Despite being told by industry veterans that it could not be done without adding rice or corn flour, like other bean-based chips, we never wanted to compromise our commitment to using only traditional Mediterranean ingredients.” - Aaron.  

Our mission is to share the culture, food, and lifestyle of the Mediterranean throughout North America by making simple, wholesome, and delicious snacks.